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just not inside

Friends Only


Hello, I'm becca, I have a pretty good life right now. I'm working, currently looking for a more better job, but having no luck. I'll talk to anyone as long as your not arsey, then I'm sure we'll get on fine :)
Drop us a comment and say hi :]

(Deleted comment)
i havent. this is friends only. u have to add me and i have to add you back if you want to see my entries. i did add you didnt i?

dude u said i was one of ur friends tho y cant i get into ur LJ???

i have no idea......i have added u

what sup i noticed u like sex pistols and MCR. so do i
well i g2g bye.

yes i love the sex pistols and mcr.
im going to see them in november!
i cant wait!

I read your profile & I thoght we could be friends. ^^

okay sure! i love your icon!

Hey me dear, did you have any luck with that colourbar yet? :)

im still trying to do it.
its just cos i got the colours the wrong way round.
i will do it though

I think we like a lot of the same people/things. wanna new friend? :)

hey I found you on a Sid community, add me pwease?

yo i shuldnt have to comment eevil person lol j/k just add me plz plz plz

i know

Hell yeah that's no problem, no need to ask!!!!


i think i added you...-goes and checks-

Hey, I found you randomly. Your taste in music rocks. Is it okay for me to add you?



(Deleted comment)
yeah of course!
like i said, i like having new friends on lj

I love your bands and you like some of the people in bands that I like, Joey Jordison etc may i be added. Love ur icon

i love your taste in music and guys especially matt heafy! add me please?

seeing as youre a fan of matt heafeh...
add me bacckk?

So, You like Wednesday 13, Sid Vicious, and MCR. Wanna be friends? ^_^

hey thanks ^^
i'll add you if you want :P

*poke poke* ok yesh random stalking of people and you replied to my post over on mcr_captions and I liked your iconage so I checked your user info and indeed we share alot of the same intrests... anyhow enough mumbling I want to friend you. Id say no and run if I were you. I'd understand completely :]

oh! and have a rad time at MCR gig. I saw them thursday and got to meet them and they are the nicest peoples ever *nods*

sure thing! -adds-
im seein them nxt month and nxt year but knowing my luck i'll never meet them =[ meh its just me =]

you asked me to add you, and I did! ^^

So tell me, how did you find me?

Hey girl, Its Cristina!
From MS and from my old account: executionsty1e. Add me! ^_^
[ ♥ ]


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